Flo's 2013 Photo Page

Here are the photo albums of my adventures. Just click on the links and a new window will appear with my photos, if photos don't appear I didn't take any.

Our Minnie
Ski Nautique (old boat)
Mastercraft (current boat) 

2013 Photos

Pepper Creek Trail 10-18-2013
Arrowhead Point to Temple Park 10-20-2013
Arrowhead Point to Temple Park 11-10-2013
Arrowhead Point to Temple Park 11-15-2013
Arrowhead Point to Temple Park 12-29-2013


Muleshoe Bend Park Jan 2013
Muleshoe Bend Park Feb 2013
Spring Trip 2013
    Sulphur Springs
    Kimball Bend Corp Park
    Cedar Ridge Corp Park
    Millwood State Park
    Site Seeing in Arkansas
    Fair Park in Hope
    Crater of Diamonds State Park
    Kirby Landing Corp Park
    Hot Springs National Park
    Little Rock
    Blytheville Bus Show
    Jonesboro Site Seeing
    Powhatan Historic State Park
    John F. Kennedy Corp Park
    Dam Site Corp Park
    Blanchard Springs Caverns
    Ozark Folk Center State Park
    Buffalo National River
    Bull Shoals Corp Park
    Eureka Springs
    Dam Site and River Park
    Wood Carving Event
    Prairie Creek Corp Park
    Antique Tractor Show
    Rogers and Springdale
    Hickory Creek Corp Park
    Terra Studios
    Lake Fort Smith State Park
    Fort Smith
    Springhill Corp Park
    Cove Lake Recreation Area
    Blue Mountain Lake and Dam Corp Park
    Queen Wilhelmina State Park
    Tunica Hollywood RV Park
    Natural Falls State Park
    McGee Creek State Park
    Burns Run East Corp Park

Boating Fun Times

Homeowners Park Jan 2013
Homeowners Park1 Jan 2013
Behind the Scenes at Blue Rock Studio Jan 2013
Dinner with Brian and Linda Jan 2013
Replacing Boat Seat Cover Jan 2013
Snow Ski Trip to Santa Fe Feb 2013
RV Show Feb 13
Blue Rock Studio with SHEL Mar13
Dad's new toy Mar 13
The Dunwells live at Blue Rock Studio Mar 13
Blue Rock 7th Birthday Mar 13
St. Patrick Day at Lake Travis Mar 13
Jess and Mac at Blue Rock May 13
Mother's Day May 13
New Irrigation System May 13
Homeowners Park May 13
Visiting Aunt Louise May 13
Visiting with Brian and Linda Jun 13
Homeowners Park Jun 13
Blue Rock Concert with Sarah Jarosz Jun 13
Trimming Trees for Aunt Louise Jun 13
Swimming in Lake Belton Jun 13
Swimming at Temple Park Jun 13
Swimming in Lake Belton2 Jun 13
Lance and Veronica Visit Jul 13
Aunt Louise Visit Jul 13
Fourth of July Celebration Jul 13
Swimming in Lake Belton Jul 13
Aunt Louise 2nd Visit in July 13
New Air Chair Binding July 13
Roller Derby Game July 13
Fixing a Leak in the Minnie July 13
Swimming in Lake Belton2 July 13
Aunt Louise Visit 8-4-2013
Spraying for Ants 8-5-2013
Flo's New Friends 8-8-2013
My Adventures 8-10-2013
Lake Belton 8-15-2013
Roller Derby 8-17-2013
Sealing Seams on the Roof 8-18-2013
Birthdays Celebration 8-29-2013
Grandma and Pop 60th Anniversary 8-31-2013
Swimming in Lake Belton 9-2-2013
Bell County Exposition Center 9-7-2013
Rockdale, Texas 9-8-2013
Downtown Temple Adventures 9-14-2013
Ruthie Foster Concert 9-14-2013
The Racing Canines Sept. 2013
Aunt Louise Visit 9-15-2013
Lions Park 9-18-2013
Saturday Adventures 9-21-2013
Mom's Birthday 9-25-2013
W.C. Clark Concert 9-28-2013
Brian and Linda Murphy Visit 9-29-2013
Swimming in Lake Belton 10-1-2013
Finishing Sealing Seams of the Minnie 10-1-2013
Travis Agility Show 10-5-2013
Replacing Tiles on the Expos Center 10-5-2013
Texas Tractor and Engine Show 10-5-2013
Lions Park 10-6-2013
Lions Park 10-8-2013
West Temple Park 10-11-2013
Tri-City Gem and Mineral Show 10-12-13
Central Texas Barrel Racers 10-12-13
Rodney Crowell Concert 10-12-13
Belton Corvette Show 10-19-2013
Bell County Dog Show 10-19-2013
Roller Derby Game 10-19-2013
Square Dancing Picnic 10-26-2013
City-Wide Garage Sale 11-9-2013
4-H and Youth Event 11-9-2013
Temple Lake Park 11-12-2013
Fixing Leak in the Bathroom 11-13-2013
Swimming in Belton Lake 11-14-2013
Holiday Bazaar and Belton Market Day 11-16-2013
Cedar Ridge Park 11-17-2013
New Neighbors 11-18-2013
Seals Family Art Exhibit 11-19-2013
Thanksgiving Square Dancing Dance 11-21-2013
Thanksgiving Celebration 11-27-2013
New Square Dancing Outfits 11-30-2013
Pop's Funeral 12-9-2013
Swimming in Lake Belton 12-18-2013
BLORA Nature in Lights 12-24-2013
Christmas Day 12-25-2013
Christmas with Aunt Louise and Autumn 12-28-2013

New Home in Belton 2013
Moving to Belton 6-19- 2013
    Clearing the Lot 6-22- 2013
    Removing Trees 9-25-2013
    Spreading Dirt for Foundation 10-1-2013
    Picking Out Marble 10-4-2013
    Drilling Holes and Pouring Pillars for Foundation
    Picking Out Cabinets and Flooring 10-10-2013
    Discount Floors 10-14-2013
    New Water Meter 10-22-2013
    Forming House Foundation 10-23-2013
    Putting in Underground Plumbing 10-24-2013
    Choosing Brick for the House 10-25-2013
    Putting in Rebar for Foundation 11-5-2013
    Pouring the Foundation 11-11-2013
    Framing the House 11-21-2913
    Installing the Ducks 12-2-2013
    Plumbing the House 12-2-2013
    Installing Windows 12-2-2013
    Wiring the House 12-3-2013
    Roofing the House 12-3-2013
    Wiring Low Voltage Lines in the New House 12-5-2013
    Insulation and Sheet Rocking 12-17-2013
    Installing the Garage Doors 12-27-2013
    Finished Carpenters 12-31-2013