FLo ready to go camping

Class A
Class A Motorhome
The largest of the motorized RVs, is a luxury motorhome unit entirely constructed on a bare, specially designed motor vehicle chassis.

Class B
Class B Camper Van
The Class B Motorhome is generally referred to as a Camper Van. This unit is built using a conventional van to which a raised roof is added.

Class C
Class C Motorhome
Sometimes referred to as a mini-motorhome, a unit built on an automotive manufactured chassis with an attached van cab section.

Ffith Wheel

Fifth-Wheel Trailer
A two-level unit designed to be affixed and towed by a pickup truck equipped with a special hitch in the truck bed.

Travel Trailer

Travel Trailer
Sometimes referred to as a conventional travel trailer, a unit designed to be towed by a car, van or pickup by means of a bumper or frame hitch.


Pop Up Camping Trailer
A lightweight unit with sides that collapse for towing and storage. This unit is also referred to as a Fold Down Travel Trailer, Pop-up Trailer or Tent Trailer.


Truck Camper
This small recreational vehicle unit is loaded onto, or affixed to, the bed or chassis of a pickup truck.