Flo's Camping Checklists

Here are examples of checklists that I hope will help you have a great camping experience.

Camping Checklists

Camping List For Camping

Aluminum Foil/ Saran Wrap Skews
Paper Dishes/ Paper Bowls Soap (Hand/Dish) 
Dish Towels/ Dish Rag Sponge/ Scrubber
Matches/ Lighter Storage Containers
Paper Towels/ Napkins Trash Bags/ Twist Ties
Plastic Bags Utensils
Fly Swatter Ziploc Bags/ Several Sizes
Lysol Spray Clothespins/ Clothesline
Cups/ Mugs Plastic Plates/ Plastic Bowls 
Propane/ Fuel Measuring Cups
Raid Dog Bowls
BBQ Sauce Ketchup
Mustard Miracle Whip
Butter Salt & Pepper
Seasonings Snacks
Canned Vegetables Snacks
Chile Soup
Microwave Popcorn Spaghetti Paste
Noodles Spaghetti Sauce  
Pam Sugar/Brown Sugar
Pancake Mix Syrup
BBQ Tools Long Nose Lighter Gun
Bottle Opener/ Can Opener Measuring Cups/ Spoons
Cutting Board Pot Holders
Grease Disposing Can Pots and Pans
Griddle   Silverware
Knives/ Steak Knives Spatula
Large Serving Spoons Toaster
Hot Chocolate Mix Coffee
Soda Milk 
Ice  Water 
Board Games Books
Crossword Puzzle Book/ Word Find Book Deck of Cards
Umbrellas Rain Coats
Air Mattress Air Mattress
Blankets Dog Bed
Pillows/ Pillowcases Sheets
Cell Phone and Charger  Dog’s Immunizations/ Paperwork 
Emergency Contact Information  Identification 
Insurance Cards Money
Satellite Radio/ Charger Space Heater
Writing Paper, Pens/ Pencils
Gloves/Mittens Hats/ Visor
Jeans  Shirts/ Blouses 
Shoes (Hiking, Sneakers & Sandals)  Shorts 
Shorts  Socks
Sweat Pants & Sweat Shirt Sweater/ Jacket 
Swimsuits T-shirts
Beach/ Bath Towels Biodegradable Toilet Paper
Chapstick/ Lip Balm Daily Medicines
Dog Medicines First Aid Kit
Floss Insect Repellent
Journal Kleenex 
Lysol or Clorox Wipes Mouth Piece
Nasal Spray Personal Hygiene
Sewing Kit Softsoap (Antibacterial)
Sunglasses Sunscreen
Toothbrushes/ Toothpaste Washcloths
Air Compressor  GPS
Backpack/ Day Pack/ Fanny Pack  Hiking/ Maps, Markers/ Pens
Batteries/ Bulbs Ice Trays
Binoculars Latex Gloves
Candles Leather Work Gloves
Chemicals for Toilet Leatherman
Dog Bed and Tie Out Chain Mop/ Broom
Dog Food Patio Rug/ Throw Rugs
Dog Treats Radio/ Charger
Digital Camera and Battery Charger Ring for Dump Station
Duct Tape Rope/ Clothesline
Extension Cords Scissors
Extra Fuses Sports Gear ( Frisbee, Balls, Fishing)
Extra Keys Tool Kit
Fabric Softener Sheets Vacuum Cleaner (Handheld)
Flashlight/ Extra Batteries Water Regulator/ Hoses
Folding Chairs/ Lawn Chairs Whistle
Barbecue Grills  Long Nose Lighter
Barbecue Tools Matches
Charcoal  Starting Fluid 
Leveling Blocks Rubber Gloves
Levels Tank Cleaners
Rags Wheel Chocks


Checklist Before Leaving For Trip

Check Fluid Levels and Tire pressure Load All Personal Gear
Check Toolbox and Spare Oil, sect. Load Food
Check Propane Tank Load Ice Chest
Check Fuel Load Sodas
Check Running Lights and Brake Make Sure Step Is Up
Fridge On Secure All Loose Items For Road
Flush & Fill Water Tank Secure All Windows, Vents, and Shades

Checklist For Breaking Camp

All Compartments Locked Make Sure Step Is Up
Awing Secure Rugs Up and Secured
Check Campsite for Items Secured Chairs
Check Lights and Brake Secure Door
Chocks Removed and Stowed Water Heater off (Gas)
Drain & Fill Hoses Stowed, Caps on Water Pressure Regulator Stowed
Electric Disconnected and Stowed Wind Shield Shade Stowed
Folding Steps Stowed
All Cabinets Closed and Lock Secure Bathroom Supplies
All Lights Off Secure Curtains
Deflate Air Bed Snack for the Cab
Furnace Off Switch Fridge to Gas/ Lock Door
Pilot Lights Off Water Bottle or Soda for the Cab
Secure All Windows, Vents, and Shades Water Heater off (Flex)
Secure All Loose Items for Road Water Pump Off
Secure All Items in the Fridge for Road Window Shades Secured
Secure Bathroom Door